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Blue crow aerials

Blue Crow Aerials is a leader in production and broadcast drone work.  I bring a carreer in TV production to each flight.  I know how to shoot, you can talk exposure, look and feel and I'll make it happen with the drone.  Lots of people out there have drones,  the are relatively inexpensive, and accessible to anyone.  For about the last 2 years just having an SFOC  and insurance meant you were one of few legit operators out there.  Well those days are coming to an end and just like hiring a shooter, you make your choises on personality, skill, and experience.  

If you are working on a short, a doc, or maybe some online content, or maybe you are part of a production just passing through Manitoba, and you didnt want to haul your own drone on the trip, drop me an email.  



2017 mashup


grotto goats

Trevor is the best drone operator in Manitoba.
— Trevor's Mom